Mamakhokha is an e-commerce platform owned by Trade-Web Co. Its primary goal is to meet the Egyptian family needs  in fresh fruits and vegetables within most of great Cairo districts, in the best possible available quality.
mamakhokha’s teams work on a daily basis to pick and pack fresh vegetables and fruits of the best available  quality on the Egyptian market and to deliver them to you along with other essentials products to your daily cooking use , at the latest on the next day following your purchase order, at the best possible price.
MamaKhokha does not believe in special temporary offers but rather offers you fixed and permanent discounts on your purchases , no conditions to fill . no maximum or minimum charge purchase required.
10% discount on your first purchase, then 10% on your sixth purchase, then 10% off on your eleventh purchase, and so on ...
Meaning 10% discount on your every fifth purchase.

So, we promise you the best available quality with the best possible price delivered to your doorsteps.

What is next?
On the coming weeks, MamaKhokha will add to the menu others products.
Your kitchen needs are the focus of attention of Mama Khokha.